As they flew over enemy territory

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If someone walks up to you with an issue, politely but firmly tell them that you be happy to help them, but they need to follow the correct process to ensure everything is properly documented and their issue is addressed correctly. If you dealing with support requests via tickets rather than people walking up and springing things on you at random, it be much easier for you to look into the issue and figure out the likely solution(s) before you engage the customer, so you won have to feel like you been put on the spot. I know you want to be able to help out and you don want to feel like an asshole, but if you don nip that behaviour in the bud quick, it will only get worse and soon you be spending your whole day dealing with a bunch of walkups instead of actually doing your job..

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moncler jackets outlet B 24s dropped hundreds of bombs on German industrial targets, making a 12 hour round trip from England to Germany and back again. As they flew over enemy territory, they were pummeled with moncler sale outlet anti aircraft flak, and about 20% of the planes and crews did not survive most bombing raids.Even if the plane survived and made it back to England, members of the crew were often injured and killed. One of McGovern co pilots was gruesomely killed by anti aircraft fire, and moncler outlet McGovern had to fly cheap moncler sale all the way to base with his dead friend in the seat next to him.The flights were so dangerous that if a pilot survived 35 flights, he could go home to America moncler jackets outlet.